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Bernies Truck 02/17/07 - We had a mild winter through the middle of Jan. But it's here now with a vengeance. We got about 3 inches of snow - covered with 3 inches of ice. Bernie's Big Growly truck got us to the homestead this weekend, but the 1/4 mile driveway was a little hairy!
Road You can see his tire tracks here - barely broke the surface of that ice.
The Road Less Traveled This is "The Road Less Traveled", covered in snow and ice.
Front Yard This is a picture I took from the top of the land we cleared for our home. You may notice there are no feet print - it was a slippery trip to the top of this yard!
Gazebo This is a little hunting gazebo that was here when we bought the property. Our dear friend Pau (that was killed on his motorcycle 2 years ago) used it when he came out to hunt. He carved his name above the entrance.
Side Yard This is a view of the side of the yard.
Back Yard This was taken from the drainfield. There's a little bird right about in the middle of it. You can see him if you click on the picture to enlarge it.
Bernie While I was snapping pictures, Bernie was busy putting gravel on the driveway so he could get some traction to get the truck out to take me to the grocery store. He's coming to get me to help in this picture.
Bird Here's another bird picture. I put some seed out for them when we got back from the grocery store. They are out there eating away as I type.
Les This is a carving that our friend Les gave us. We named him Les and sat him down the driveway to ward off evil spirits - or at the very least to make us smile when we drive by.
Les Here's a bigger picture of Les. He kind of grows on ya. I wrote about our ice filled weekend in the blog. Check it out!
Winter Homestead 02/19/07 This is a picture of our driveway while it is snowing. If you click the picture it will show you a larger one and you can actually see the snow flakes. If you look to the right, you can see the old spring house, and then a little further down the old stable. I really like this portion of our driveway.

02/24/07 - It occurred to me that I've never posted a picture of the cabin that is at the front of our property. The cabin was built 1906, according to family in this area. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the apiary.
This is a picture of an old stable that is along the driveway up to our home. It needs some work, and it's on the list of many things we have to do around here!
This is a picture of the old spring house. It also needs some work, but the cool thing is that the spring is still flowing. It is certainly cool, clear water!
The buildings that were on this property when we bought it were made by hand. This is the ceiling of the spring house.
This is the outside of the spring house. You can see some of the boards are missing, but this shows you how they assembled it.
This is one of the pictures of the inside of the spring house. Not only can you see how it was made, you can see it how it was used. This is an old cooker - according to family in this area, it was a great source of libations!
This is the actual spring. Someone, some where along the line, put a cover over it.
This is a picture of the spring without the cover. You can not tell by this picture, but the water is wonderfully clear and tastes great!
A picture of the walls of the spring house.
And here it is as we left it today. I really love these old buildings. One day we'll restore them and I'll post the "after" pictures.
02/25/07 - Well, we were certainly surprised to wake up to 7 - 8 inches of snow this morning! So much for the "snow showers" the weather channel predicted for us.
It's supposed to snow off and on all day - and possibly turn to sleet later on.
This is the first major snow we've been out on the homestead for. It really is pretty. I'm hoping we can get shoveled out by tomorrow.
I'm not much of a cold weather person, but the snow is sure gorgeous out here. I know the bees aren't happy about it - but maybe they'll appreciate the beauty of it, now that we've cleared the hive entrances for them.

Before Snow

After Snow

Bernie took a picture of our backyard out of a window the night before we got our "snow showers". The next morning he took one out of the same window of our 8" of "snow showers".
Temperature 03/03/07 - After all that snow last weekend, we are up to almost 60 degrees today. Just to prove it, Bernie took a picture of his newly installed mega-hugely-rediculously-huge thermometer. He put it in the backyard - exactly where he can glance to his left from his recliner in the house and announce the temperature very loudly, proudly, and authoritativly.
Us at Shack

03/18/07 - This is actually an older picture that I really like and found tonight and thought I'd post. A friend of ours took this of us at the cabin a couple of years ago. One of my favorites - and thought I'd share it.

Tree in Road 1 We had a few inches of snow on Friday, so we didn't head out to the property until Saturday morning. When we got there, we were greeted by a fallen tree across the driveway. We walked up to the house and got the Trail Blazer and a chainsaw to clear the road.You can read about this on the blog.
Tree in Road 2 Bernie made short work of the tree with the chainsaw, and we were quickly on our way up to the house.
Backhoe with tree 1 When we got up to the house, we noticed that a tree had fallen across the backhoe. That's not cool. But we were relieved to find it hit the boom, and not the cab.
Backhoe with Tree 2 Bernie was able to lower the boom and then scoot out from under the tree. Then he took the bucket and knocked the tree down to the ground. I didn't grab my camera until the whole thing was finished, but you can see here that he rescued the backhoe and all is right with the world. Next weekend we get new tires for that bad boy. It's costing us a small fortune, but it'll be worth it. I'll be sure to post pictures of the new gums.
newgums1 03/23/07 - Well, today the backhoe got some new gums. We had the Donald B. Rice Tire Company in Harrisonburg come out and replace all the tires for us. This is a picture of one of the back tires before we had it replace. Not good.
newgums2 Here's a picture of the totally bald front tire before Jonathon, from the Donald B. Rice Tire Company, replaced it.
newgums3 And here's a picture of one of the new front tires. Jonathon is a man of few words, but dang if he can't put replace some tires!
newgums4 Here's Jonathon inflating the back tire he just put on. Donald B. Rice Tire Company should be proud of him. He came out and did what he had to do, and didn't waste a minute wondering what the heck I was doing running around snapping pictures. I'm sure he thinks we're crazy, but he was nice about it and pretty much ignored us the whole time.
newgums5 Here's a plug for the Donald B. Rice Tire Company. I've got to tell you, if you're in the Shenandoah Valley area, give these guys a call if you need tires for your farm equipment. They are really friendly and really professional. They are also very fast. We're pretty darn pleased with the service. And as you can tell by these pictures, they make house calls. Check out the blog- I wrote about this experience. And I also wrote about the new website I launched for our bees.
Garage 04/07/07 - Well, in the complete belief that we will soon sell our home in town and need to quickly move things out to the property, we decided to go ahead an purchase a 20 X 31 enclosed carport. We have been storing motorcycles, ATVs, etc. in the sea container - but we're going to need that for furniture storage. This enclosed carport should do the trick.
Inside Garage This is a picture of the inside of the garage. I took it standing at the back door of it. It's really pretty roomy. We still need to fill around it, but it's pretty much ready to go. I updated the blog to include a little more info about the garage and our past couple of weekends. Check it out!
treesdown1 04/21/07 - You may recall that I mentioned last week in my blog we had a lot of rain. Well, it was immediately followed by a lot of very strong wind for about 2 days. We arrived this weekend to 2 trees across the driveway and 2 more that fell and are caught up in other trees.
treesdown2 If you look at the wood line in the backyard, you can see several trees that fell and are caught up in other trees. You'll probably have to click on each of these pictures to really see what I'm talking about.
treesdown3 There were 3 trees down in the front yard and several in the woods around it. This is a little one - and the only one that didn't come up from the roots. It actually snapped.
treesdown4 This is a pretty tall pine that fell in the front yard. It, too, was uprooted.
treesdown5 This is a very large oak tree that came up by the roots. The winds were really fierce this week and the ground was so saturated from several inches of rain that it didn't take a whole lot for that strong wind to blow them right over. You can check out how we're spending this weekend cleaning up on the blog.
stormdamage1 04/22/07 - After we took care of the trees in the road and the trees in the yard, we took a few minutes and wandered around the property. We were devastated to learn that a nice old oak tree that housed one of our tree stands was uprooted. Click the picture and you can see the tree stand at about the middle of this picture.
stormdamage2 This is a picture of the same tree with tree stand, but I stood back a little and you can see that it took down a lot of other trees when it went. We really loved that tree stand. Our friend Eddie loved it too and claimed it as his when he hunts our property. Bernie named it "Eddie's Last Stand".
stormdamage3 This is a picture standing in front of the tree stand, looking out to where I was when I took the above pictures.
stormdamage4 This is picture off one side of The Road Less Traveled. I really could not possibly take enough pictures to convey the damage that rain and wind caused. Trees are down all over the entire property.
stormdamage5 This is a picture of The Road Less Traveled - this was about as far as we could get. The rest of the little road has fallen and uprooted trees across it. Clearing it will have to go on our never ending and growing list of chores.
yard1 05/20/07 - We've spent a great deal of time throwing down seed - and it seems to be paying off! I think this picture looks way greener than pictures from last year.
yard2 Here's a shot from the side of the yard looking out to the front. I really love that maple we left in the middle. It's such a pretty tree - and way happier since all the pines were cleared from around it.
yard3 Not much different than the above shot, but that maple is so darn pretty I couldn't resist!
yard4 This is a picture of the Cat Tails that are just starting to grow good in one of our little streams. They really are gorgeous and I'll be sure to post pics when they bloom. By the way, I took all these with my new camera - I discussed it a little on the blog.
06/23/07 - When we were cleaning up around the cabin we found a little visitor hiding underneath some of the junk we removed. He really wasn't all that friendly, but darn if he wasn't cute.
You'll definitely want to click this pic to make it bigger and see the little doe that stared back at me in the front yard. I also saw a turkey this day, but she wasn't as friendly or curious as this deer and hauled tail as soon as she heard me pick up the camera.
My parents came to visit us and stayed a whole week. It was GREAT having them here on the homestead. One of the first things we did was watch Bernie and Daddy take down an old cherry tree that was rotting at the top and leaning precariously toward the house.
Daddy sawed off the small tree beside it first, while Bernie waited in the comfort of the back hoe.
If you know my Dad, you know he likes to be in control of ALL situations. He took control of the chainsaw and began sawing on the cherry tree while Bernie placed the bucket of the backhoe against it to insure it did not fall onto the house.
Bernie starting pushing while Daddy was sawing.
The tree started going over and then........
My camera batteries died. Ugh..... But here's a pic of the tree over on it's side. We spent the major part of the morning sawing up the tree and chipping the branches. Great fun with my parents!
This little guy crawled out of the woods to check us out.
I took this picture one morning after a rain because I thought the raindrops on this Funnel Spider's web looked like little diamonds. Really pretty.
We had Git-Er-Done fencing put a fence at the front of the property for us. They really did a nice job and it matches the old cabin down there beautifully.
Here's a picture of the fence and cabin from the road.
And here's Bernie relaxing on the cabin porch. He was plum tuckered from .... well.... um..... sitting I guess.
This little guy came out to visit while we were checking out the bees. He wasn't even slightly concerned that I was taking his picture. I'm worried these rabbits are planning a hostile take over. They are multiplying like, well, rabbits! And they are rather brave.
Here's a picture of the fence from the front yard. They got her done! And did a fine job of it.

Here's another - I like this picture because you can see the antique wagon wheels Tex gave us.

Don't forget to check out the blog!


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