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Get to Know White Oak Flooring in Detail

Get to Know White Oak Flooring in Detail

In American homes, white oak flooring has been a flooring standard for years for many houses. But, actually there are some White oak flooring pros and cons in the society. So, it’s better to consider some advantages and disadvantages it has before deciding whether it’s the best for your home or not.

White Oak Flooring Plus and Minus

The advantages of white oak flooring are about the durability, appearance, and home value. The durability is great, it is very durable. It is dense, hard, and naturally resistant to wear and tear. If you treat it with a high quality finishing, you can get floors that last for a long time. The nest is about appearance. The look of white oak flooring is hard to beat because oak is full of light and crisp tone. The last is about the home value. It adds your home market’s value if you choose it.

Apart from its advantages, it also has disadvantages. They are related to Scratchiness, tendency of Fade, and the vulnerability to spills. If you choose oak flooring, it is not the best for traffic area. It can be easily scratched. It can be helped by having thick finishing, but it might alter the look of the floor in not pleasant way. The next disadvantage is the tendency of fade. It can lose its color easily as it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. The last is that it is vulnerable to spills. If it’s spilled by oil, make sure you clean it up immediately your white oak flooring.

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