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Bernie and Tex began the Great Divide Project today. Bernie and I want a wall between the kitchen and the living room. The open space between the two is distractive to us. We like well defined rooms. While this may not appeal to all, it's what we like, so it's what we're doing. And I thought that there are probably plenty of people starting out with homesteading that will be constructing a wall or two, so I figured I might as well share the progress we make on it.

GD1 This is pretty much what we started with. I took this picture from the kitchen side looking into the living room. As you can tell, it was very open. Because this is a prefab house, the wall Bernie and Tex are nailing that board into is offset from the wall on the other side they need to hook up with. So they split the difference and will put the wall inset a bit from the living room side.
GD2 I took this one from the living room, looking into the kitchen. My Day Laborers are really doing a great job! They're worth every penny I'm paying them.
GD3 This is looking from the kitchen side into the living room. Coming right along!
GD4 This is Tex's dog, Bobo. Bobo and I are good buddies. I actually had to work from home today, and Bobo kept me company. This is where we spent our day. Bobo helped me as I worked from my laptop. I was really nervous when I ventured out of the bedroom to check on the progress of the Great Divide, but poor Bobo was even more scared than I was. He never left the room but once when I let him out to potty - and I swear he closed his eyes as he ran through the living room to get outside.
GD5 First sheet of drywall going up! This was pretty exciting. It's no longer looking like a wide open space.
GD6 I'm in the living room taking this one. It's now pretty much shut off from the kitchen. Pretty cool.
GD7 Now they're starting on closing in the kitchen side. Bernie's putting in insulation - the heavy duty type. At this point I should tell you that a BIG reason this project came about is because I make "too much noise" in the kitchen while Bernie watches football. Well, heaven forbid I should be responsible for affecting the outcome of a stinkin' football game! Hence, the Great Divide project was planned.
GD8 The kitchen side is getting it's drywall put up now. It's really looking like a wall now, isn't it?
GD9 Bernie's putting on the final pieces of drywall on the kitchen side. We're almost ready for the door!
GD10 And here's the door! Now it's REALLY starting to look like a real wall! Very exciting.
GD11 Bernie added the door knobs and what do ya know - we have a real Great Divide! This picture was taken in the living room
GD12 And here's the view from the kitchen. Now we need to tape, mud, paint, and trim. That's another day. Right now I'm going to update my blog and make some dinner. I'll update this as we move forward with it. And everyone can now rest easy that football games will be unaffected by me banging and clanging pots in the kitchen.
tapemud1 11-22-06 Today we started mudding and taping the Great Divide. When I say "we", I mean "me". Somehow this ended up to be MY job. At any rate, while I was at it, I decided to get rid of the "trailer" walls by removing the strip they put between drywall sections when they put this place together. I'll tape and mud the seam and see how it turns out before I paint it.
tapemud2 I had already taped and mudded the Great Divide before we thought to snap pictures, but you can see it to the left of this picture. I'm busy applying the first coat of mud over the seam here.
tapemud3 Look at how seriously I take this job. I am really concentrating. And I need to. Because I learned I really suck at this job.
tapemud4 Now I'm taping the seam. I still have no clue what I'm doing, but I'm hoping the picture betrays that and it actually looks like I know what I'm doing. I don't. But we can pretend.
tapemud5 Now I'm going over the tape with the blade to sink it into the mud and get out the bubbles. When I finished that, I went over it again with a light coat of mud. Well, it was supposed to be a "light" coat, but I learned I'm a little heavy handed. Bernie said I have lots of sanding to do.
tapemud3 This is where I ended up today. I did 2 seams - one in the corner to the left, and one to the right of this picture. I thought this looked like fun, but it's really a lot of hard work.
tapemud7 Here's a picture of the Great Divide after I attacked it with tape and mud. If this makes you shiver, just wait until you see it while I'm painting it! Bernie says the only thing worse than painting is watching me paint. If you're interested in what we're up to, you can keep track of it on the Blog.


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