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Inspiration Egress Windows for Home?

Inspiration Egress Windows for Home?

Some people are thinking of having egress windows in their home nowadays, moreover if they have big house. This window is the window that provides you an emergency exit in case of fire. People usually have this window in every bedroom, since the case of fire usually happens in the midnight when people are sleeping. Then, people usually do not know how to exit when their house has been fired. Due those safety reasons, many people tend to build this window at their home.

How to Have Egress Windows in Your Home?

In every region, egress windows have their own requirements. The window must fulfill the four International Residental Code criteria. First, the minimum width of opening is 20 inch. The minimum height of opening is 24 inch. Third, the minimum net clear opening is 5.7 sq. ft. (5.0 sq. ft. for ground). Last, the maximum sill height above floor is 44 inch. You have to fulfill those requirements for the sake of safety reasons.

The best window to be used, egress windows is the casement window completed with hinged sashes that swing free and clear. This kind of window is ideal for every room, from the bedroom to the basement. To maintain the window clearness, wash your egress windows using squeegee. It is a better tool to clear the window rather than a spray bottle and paper towel. Do it regularly and you will get the clean and clear windows.

If you want to have these egress windows, there are some options for you. The easiest way but much needed money way is buying the window from the home décor or home depot store and then hiring the person to help the installation. If you want to try the more economical way, you can do it by yourself. There are many tutorial video that can be your guidance.

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