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ladybug1 05/20/07 - I got a new camera and it takes some really awesome pictures in spite of my limited abilities. I'm figuring it out, but in the meantime I did manage to get some pretty cool pictures. This is one of a little lady bug I found in the yard. Click on the picture to see a larger version.
ladybug2 This picture totally amazed me. This is a shot of the lady bug on my fingers - and you can see my finger prints quite well! Better than you can actually see them in real life! At any rate, it's a good picture of the lady bug and a good indication of how very cool my new camera is!
flower1 This is the bloom from a wild strawberry. I really like this picture. It looks like the flower is in color and the background is black and white - but this really is exactly what it looked like. Hey - I'm not near good enough to actually make it look this way if it really wasn't!
flower2 Here'a clover bloom. Absolutely beautiful. And if you click it you can see detail I never knew a little ol' clover had. Very pretty.
flower3 You can not imagine how incredibly itsy bitsy this little flower actually was. Even so, my super nifty camera got a great shot.
flower4 I really like this picture. It's a clover flower, with another in the background. Dang - this camera makes me look like I know what I'm doing!
flower5 Another pretty clover. I really love the color on this one.
flower6 Now that's a nice picture! I have to tell you, the bees really love these clovers. I wasn't fast enough to get pictures of them on the flowers, but I did get some pretty good shots of them and put them on The Bee Buzz website. Check them out!
04/20/2008 - I love the bright yellow of these buttercups.
This crapapple bloom was just beautiful. I got it enjoy it for a couple of days before the fury little gals below decided they needed a snack. I wrote about this in my blog - and included before and after pictures.
These gals showed up this morning. There were actually five of them, but I could only get a picture with four in one spot at one time. Notice the girl on the far right in the back. Yep - that WAS where I was enjoying some crapapple blooms. There are a few more up higher, and she couldn't reach those. So I may just get enough crabapples to make some jam yet.
06/17/2008 - We had a bear wander into the yard last night. He started out checking out the compost pile.
Apparently, he found nothing of interest there, and as he started to wander off, he looked right at us in the window.
Then he decided to check out the grill. We had just finished grilling some steaks.
Bernie ran out clapping his hands and yelling and the bear took off through the woods. We immediately locked the grill up for the night. I wrote about it on the blog if you are interested.


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